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Airbus A300

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Air Algerie Airbus A300 Rees
  • The Airbus A300 is a wide-body medium range twin-engine jet airliner developed and manufactured by Airbus.
  • Formally announced in 1969 and first flying in October 1972, it holds the distinction of being the world's first twin-engined widebody airliner; it was also the first product of Airbus Industrie, a consortium of European aerospace manufacturers, now known as Airbus.
  • The A300 can typically seat 266 passengers in a two-class layout, with a maximum range of 4,070 nautical miles (7,540 km) when fully loaded, depending on model.
  • The Idea to compete with the Boeing MD and Lockheed wasn´t new for the European manufacturers wich could be seen at the Concorde, a French and British Congromelate.
  • To make sure Airbus was able to develop the Aircraft as fast and sustainable as possible they shrinked the A300 to a much smaller size, which then refered to much smaller and already existing Engines. These Engines were already known so the Company didnt incurige the risk of a plane with problems.
  • Due to the fact that Airbus used already existing copmpounds and knowledge, they were capable to present the Airbus A300B in 1972.
  • In the first years after development Airbus only selled a few Airplanes to Air France and Lufthansa. Facing the not selling A300 Airbus started a leasing Action. They gave four A300 to Eastern Airlines for free. After Eastern Airlines was sure that the A300 was 30% more efficient than the previos Lockheed TriStar they ordered first 23 and in the end even 32 Aircrafts from there on the A300 was unstopable.
  • Even the following generations of the Aircraft brought new Innovations. The plane was so succesful that even today the aircraft all over the world, even though the planes are mostly freighters and only a few passenger planes fly until today.
  • The success of this plane was mainly because of the two engines instead of three or four engines but that wasn´t the only new feature the A300 was also one of the first planes whih was capable of flying with a pilot and a co-pilot only.
  • During the 1990s, the A300 became popular with various freight operators, and several different cargo aircraft variants were produced with many from former operators of passengers variants like Korean Air.