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Writer's Guide

From keywordswiki

  • Welcome to the keywordswiki Writer's Guide,
    This guide will help with the basic editing skills on keywordswiki. Our editor uses simple code to format and style articles. When published the article looks different than when it is being edited. Read on below to learn how to use our system.

Adding Images

  • Always add a Thumbnail to your article which visualizes what your article is about. You can search for images at WikimediaCommons and insert the File into keywordswiki articles.

Image in editor: Thumbnailtext.jpg

Image once published: Thumbnail published.jpg

Create Bulleted List

  • keywordswiki articles always are written in bulleted lists. Use an asterisk * at the beginning of a line to create a bulleted list.

Text in editor: Bulleted list.jpg

Text once published: Bulleted list published.jpg

Using Fonts

  • Create a bold font with three apostrophes before and after text.

Text in editor Bold text.jpg

Text once published Bold text published.jpg

  • Create an italic font with two apostrophes before and after text.

Text in editor: Italic Text.jpg

Text once published: Italic text published.jpg

  • Combine bold and italics with five apostrophes before and after text.

Text in editor: Bold&italic text.jpg

Text once published: Bold&italix text published.jpg

Add Links

  • Internal links which link to other keywordswiki pages are created by using double square brackets before and after the tilte of a page.

Text in editor: Internal link.jpg

Text once published: Internal link published.jpg

  • External links to other websites are created by typing the URL. You can also replace the external link with text that Users can click on by using single square brackets before and after the URL.

Text in editor: External link.jpg

Text once published: External link published.jpg

Add Categories

  • You can add categories to your article by using double square brackets before and after the the category.

Text in editor: Category.jpg

Text once published: Category published1.jpg

Add reference

  • To cite your sources in your articles use the reference tags as shown below.

Text in editor: Referencetxt.jpg

Text once published: Reference published.jpg


  • Before publishing your article always show the preview first and look up for mistakes or format faults.
  • Remember to click on Publish to save your changes.