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Writing an article on keywordswiki

From keywordswiki

Step 1:

  • Check if the title you choose for your article is not already used, perhaps under a slightly different name.

Step 2:

  • Check if the article you want to write about is valuable for keywordswiki.

Step 3:

  • Do your research before you start creating an article and always remember to cite your sources.
  • Articles which lack sources may be deleted.

Step 4:

Writing your article

  • Before writing your article be aware of the following conditions:
  1. Every article has to follow our Terms of Use agreement
  2. Be aware that copying Copyrighted work is strictly forbidden
  3. Only use a maximum of ten sentences per article
  4. Your article has to be relevant for our Service
  5. Always cite your sources
  • If you don’t know how to style a keywordswiki article. Visit the keywordswiki Writer's Guide.

Step 5:

  • Before publishing your article always preview it first to spot mistakes.
  • By publishing your article you admit that you didn’t violated any law.
  • You agree to publish your article under The Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike license 3.0 and the GNU-License for free documentation.

Step 6:

  • To classify your article add categories and links to your article.

Step 7:

  • Patrol your article to see if other Users edited or expanded your article