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From keywordswiki

  • Keywordswiki is a unique free-content knowledge portal where everyone can gain and share information.
  • The articles published on keywordswiki are written by anonymous volunteers and can only have a maximum of ten key sentences that summarize the topic.
  • Anyone with an existing keywordswiki account can edit, create or improve articles. The project was started to help people, who don’t want to read a ton of unnecessary information and only want to read the most important facts about a topic.
  • We want to create a platform where the most important information is summarized in ten sentences to make it as easy as possible to gain knowledge about something. Our mission is to create a platform where everyone can find good information about a topic and only has to read ten sentences about it to get to known to it.
  • keywordswiki intends for the use of students, teachers, and people from all over the world, who don't have the time to read all information and only want to know the most important things about a subject.
  • keywordswiki is designed for the general reader and is available online and is free to all people with an internet access.
  • The Service is powered and inspired by Mediawiki, a open source wiki software created by the Wikimedia Foundation.


  • Our concept is that we want to create the easiest and best information platform in the world. We want to summarize all important information about a subject into one article, which has a maximum of 10 sentences so that everyone has to read only the important stuff and don't have to waste time by reading unnecessary things.
  • keywordswiki wants to organize human knowledge in a way that allows users to gain the most important information about a subject in a short amount of time.